With tournament season in full swing many of our new members are wondering what competing is all about.

Competing in local and regional competitions is a very important part of Taekwon-Do training. If classes are the practices, then tournaments are the games.  Every student should try at least one tournament. There are several different levels of competition, including friendship tournaments. These provide students with a great opportunity to learn about competition in a non-competitive, friendly environment. Students can test their skills against other opponents in both patterns and free sparring. This is a great way for students to learn and get motivated and meet some great new friends too!

A typical Taekwon-Do tournament is one day in length, usually starting at about 9:00 am and finishing at 5:00. Competitions usually start with the youngest age and lowest belt. Tournaments in

Western Canada generally range in size from 75 to 400 competitors with the local tournaments being on the lower end of the scale. Entry fees will also range from $20 to $60 depending on the level of competition. There are plenty of experienced black belts competing in all sizes of events. This is very exciting to watch and is usually a pretty good motivator for students as well.

Tournaments are not all about winning (although that is what we strive for). They are about performing to your personal best and then working to reach new levels in development. Tournaments sanctioned by the ITF or its bodies are all very professional and run by officials with many years of experience.

Tournaments are safe because the rules of the International Taekwon-Do Federation prohibit any head contact for younger children. A student is also always competing with other students of the same age group and experience level. In larger competitions weight classes are also introduced to make the competition fairer.

Tournaments are a lot of fun! Tournaments are a great way to bond as a club and gain friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. No matter what your experience level is, there is a tournament out there for you. Our instructors and staff are committed to the success of any student who wishes to compete.

So how do we get involved?

Here are a few things that parents, and athletes must do to get to the tournament:

Register for the event using the registration procedure found in the invitation. We always send out the invitation packages to our members as soon as we get them and it is best to register as soon as possible. Most tournaments make use of an online registration system.

Let Mr. White know that you will be attending. The key to success in any endeavor is proper planning and execution. By letting Mr. White and the other instructors know that you will be attending, they are able to better support your goals as an athlete.

Book your accommodation. Unless otherwise stated Team Sundance will almost always stay at the host hotel with very few exceptions. The tournament host will most likely have set up a discounted hotel rate as well so you can save money!

Make travel arrangements. Carpooling is a great way to make travelling to tournaments more fun and can also save you money on fuel. Some tournaments are a bit further away and can require a flight. If flying, please make sure that your flight lands early enough the day before the tournament that you can be properly rested for the competition.

Apply for funding from NOTA. The North Okanagan Taekwon-Do Association (Sundance PAC) will allocate funds to athletes who wish to compete. Applications are available from the front desk. Only NOTA members can apply for funding. To become a member, please talk to one of the instructors or NOTA executive members.

What you will need for the tournament:

  • Full Official ITF Uniform (pants, jacket and belt)
  • Full set of sparring gear if sparring (hands, feet, mouth guard, head guard and groin protector for males). Please make sure equipment fits and is in good condition at least one week prior to the competition. Let an instructor know right away if anything needs attention.
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel

So let’s get out there and have some fun at our upcoming tournaments! The best place to start is at the in-house tournament on October 20th