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Belt Testing Requirements

Procedure for Testing

In order for a member to test for his or her next belt level certain criteria must be met first. Technical and theory requirements are found in this sections. Along with all technical knowledge the following must be done before any student in the academy tests:

  • All membership dues (including any ITF fees) must be paid up to date. Students wishing to test must be a current member of the club in good standing.
  • The appropriate number of classes must be attained prior to testing.
  • Bronze, Silver or Gold credits must be obtained based on your requirements
  • There can be no large lapses in training time leading up to the test.
  • Apply to test for Gup or Degree by filling out your form and paying the appropriate testing fee one week prior to testing.

The grading system is based off of the grading system found in the Encyclopaedia of Taekwon-Do by General Choi Hong Hi. Students are graded in categories out of 70 points. The student must obtain a score of 60 or higher in each category in order to pass. If a student fails to obtain 60 in a category he/she must re-test in that particular category. Members DO NOT pay for a retest.

Please remember the following when testing:

  • Be on time for your test. When there are several students testing there is no time for tardiness. Showing up late to an exam may disqualify you from testing that day.
  • Ensure your dobok is clean and pressed as there are marks for etiquette on your test
  • As always, make sure your finger and toe nails are clean and trimmed for safety
  • Ensure you show the highest level of protocol when testing. Remember that this is a formal grading.
  • Be prepared. Ensure that you are familiar with all of your testing requirements before the test. Failure to do this will make your test more difficult than it has to be
  • Relax. This is your graduation and it should not be too difficult if you are prepared

The following will be used as a grading criteria:

59 and below         Retest
60-61                     Poor
62-63                     OK
64-65                     Good
66-67.5                  Excellent
67.5 and higher     Exceptional

If a student scores 67.5 or higher in each category will result in a double promotion to the next belt.

Testing requirements are password protected.  Please ask your instructor for the current password.

White Belt (10th Gup) to Yellow Stripe (9th Gup)
Yellow Stripe (9th Gup) to Yellow Belt (8th Gup)
Yellow Belt (8th Gup) to Green Stripe (7th Gup)
Green Stripe (7th Gup) to Green Belt (6th Gup)
Green Belt (6th Gup) to Blue Stripe (5th Gup)
Blue Stripe (5th Gup) to Blue Belt (4th Gup)
Blue Belt (4th Gup) to Red Stripe (3rd Gup)
Red Stripe (3rd Gup) to Red Belt (2nd Gup)
Red Belt (2nd Gup) to Black Stripe (1st Gup)
Black Stripe (1st Gup) to Junior Black Belt (Under 14 years old)
Black Stripe (1st Gup) to 1st Degree Black Belt (14 years and older)