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Assistant Instructors and Black Belts

Sundance Black Belts (Past and Present):

Master Michael Barker, VII Degree, Head of Northern Taekwon-Do Academy Group (C-7-15)

David White, V Degree, Head Instructor Sundance Taekwon-Do (C-5-114)

Andy Leung, IV Degree, Instructor (C-5-pending)

Chris Rock, IV Degree (C-4-242)*

Kyle Amos, III Degree*

Kelly Kinniburgh, III Degree

Abbie Bennett, II Degree*

Taylor Halvorson, II Degree*

Kai Halvorson, II Degree*

Peter McGowan, II Degree*

Judy Conway, II Degree, Assistant Instructor

Brad Cotey, II Degree*

Rob Barker, II Degree, Assistant Instructor

Travis Barker, II Degree, Assistant Instructor

Sam Lau, II Degree, Assistant Instructor

Judy Conway, II Degree

Alex Lorenzo, I Degree*

Crystal Lemon, I Degree

Jamie Nicol, I Degree*

Tesla Carlston, I Degree*

Chad Colton, I Degree*

Sarah Dixon, I Degree*

Fiona Dixon, I Degree*

Liam Burgher, I Degree*

Duncan Main, I Degree*

Natalie Bowie, I Degree

Brett Bell, I Degree

Ciara Wilson, I Degree, Assistant Instructor

Aaron York, I Degree

Sylvanna Wilson, I Degree

Tyler Barker, I Degree

Maira Wilson, I Degree

Mitchell Alexander, I Degree