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Andy Leung, V Degree

1A0A6838Mr. Andy Leung, 5th Degree

Head Instructor (Kelowna)


Mr Leung began his Martial Arts career in the age of 12 in Kung Fu and Chinese Kickboxing, and then later on in the same year, he started his Tae Kwon Do career in Jung Do Kwan (WTF)

in Hong Kong under the instruction of Master Chan Wei. He entered his first Tae Kwon Do competition for the 1993 Hong Kong Tae Kwon Do Championships in male teens light weight color belt devision.

Since Mr. Leung moved to Canada, he continued his Tae Kwon-do training under late Mr. Keith Black. After one and a half year of transitioning from WTF to ITF, he was allowed to test under ITF standard. Mr. Leung earned his 1st degree black belt in January of 1997. He entered into many competitions range from Provincials to Nationals. After the door closing of Okanagan Valley Tae Kwon-do School, he continued his training in Central Tae Kwon-do Academy and earned his 2nd degree.

Mr. Leung joined Northern Tae Kwon-do Academy and continued the journey with Master Micheal Barker and earned his 3rd and 4th degree.

Mr. Leung had unique opportunity to travel to Hong Kong and China and also train with masters of other style of Martial Arts.