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Results for the 2012 CTFI Western Canadian Championships in Coquitlam

Sundance members had another memorable and amazing weekend! Congratulations to all of our members who put forward a great effort at the Westerns on May 12, 2012. Below are the results:

Abbie Bennett – Gold in patterns, Gold in sparring
Charlie Bennett – Gold in sparring, silver in patterns
Dannon Mackay – Gold in patterns, Gold in sparring
Cole Mackay – Gold in sparring, Bronze in patterns
Braelyn Spruce – Gold in sparring, Silver in patterns
Allie Spruce – Gold in patterns, Silver in sparring
Jacob Bennett – Bronze in sparring
Sarah Crerar – Bronze in patterns, Bronze in sparring
Peter McGowan – Silver in patterns, Bronze in sparring
Natalie Bowie – Bronze in patterns
Brett Bell – Bronze in sparring
Chris Rock – Bronze in Patterns
David White – Silver in Patterns
Aiden Bennett – Great Effort!!

Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery for some pictures!



Congratulations to our members who competed at the 2012 Provincial Championships this past weekend. We are all very proud of your accomplishments and our school was represented well!

Mr. Brett Bell – Bronze in Patterns, Silver in Sparring
Miss Natalie Bowie – Silver in Patterns, Gold in team patterns
Mr. David White – Bronze in senior belt patterns


CTFI Statement Regarding Schedule Changes

The ITF has now announced the official date for the 2013 World Championships in Benidorm Spain as October 23rd to 27th, 2013. This is an unexpected change from the June/July date that has been discussed for the past year and on which the CTFI Tournament schedule was based.

Another challenge we are facing is the change to the ITF Competition Rules that makes the date for age qualification as the date of the first day of the World Championships (October 23, 2013 for the next event). This has s significant impact on the eligibility of people under the age of 18 for competition in the Junior Black Belt age category.

If we stick to our current event schedule, there will be a 1 year gap from the Selection National Championships to the World Championships. This is far too long a period for Juniors to maintain their weight. It can also eliminate a number of Pre-Junior athletes from qualifying for sparring in the Junior divisions, as well as some Juniors who will be forced to move into Senior divisions.

As a result, we must now make a significant change the CTFI event schedule. The CTFI Board of Directors has reviewed the situation and decided on the following:

1. The Selections National Championships originally planned for November 2012 in Quebec City has been postponed to May 17-19, 2013. This will make the gap to World Championships only 6 months. As a result, there will be no CTFI National Championships in 2012.

2. In order to retain our normal event schedule as much as possible, we will run a Western Championships and Eastern Championships in February/March 2013.

3. Based on our original tournament schedule which was calculated towards a June/July 2013 WC, we announced that the 2012 Eastern and Western events were/are qualifiers. Several teams prepared and entered the Easterns with that expectation. We have several teams entered in Westerns as well for that purpose as well. The Board believes it would be unfair to now discount their preparation for this year’s Eastern/Western championships and make them redo things again in the spring of 2013.

Therefore, it has been decided that any team that qualified/qualifies for a spot in the Selection Nationals at the 2012 Eastern and Western Championships will be allowed to go forward to the Nationals in 2013. If new teams present themselves at the 2013 Eastern/Western championships, they will have matches as usual and the winning teams will also qualify to go to 2013 Nationals where they will compete for the single spot on the Canadian Delegation to the 2013 WC.

If we have more than 2 teams in a category at 2013 Nationals (e.g. 2 Jr. Prearranged Sparring teams from West and 2 from East), there will be a round-robin event to make the final selection for the Canadian Delegation.


Westerns Draws

Information about the draws for the Westerns can be found at