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Equipment Update – Nationals 2011

Please see the below section regarding equipment requirements for the upcoming Canadian Nationals:


  • Hand and foot pads of an approved type
  • Mouth guard
  • Groin protection for males
  • Helmet of an approved type
BLACK BELTS competing in the Junior or Senior devisions (Ages 14-34) MUST┬áhave the approved “Top Ten Style” gloves, boots and helmets. Competitors will be required to wear either red or blue depending on their position in the draws. Competitors MUST have access to both colours.
COLOUR BELTS, PRE-JUNIOR BLACK BELTS AND SUPER SENIOR (35+) BLACK BELTS can use either “Top Ten Style” or foam dipped equipment of any colour.
Students MUST have approved equipment. Students without required equipment may be disqualified without any refund of entry fees. Competitors sharing equipment is welcomed.
If you need to order equipment please contact Mr. White directly. Order deadline for Top Ten equipment is October 24, 2011.